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We would like to welcome everyone to the new Battlestar BBS. After being shut down for a few years I have brought Battlestar BBS back stronger than ever! We are a BBS designed for our users, we want to know what you want added..

We are the hub for the following message nets

Video GameNet

American Sportsmen Net (ASN)


We have a lot to offer our visitors and we try to expand as much as we can.
Here are some of the things we offer.

43 Message Networks, Newsgroups, and Fidonet

19 Different Inter-BBS Game Leagues

37 Shareware CD-Roms available to download from
That's over 20,000 files! We rotate the cd-roms weekly

    Over 450 Door Games and adding more daily!

We would like to consider ourselves the largest BBS on the east coast! Help us grow let us know what you want to see added

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