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NOTE: If you are a Synchronet sysop wanting to join using QWK transfers, please sign onto Battlestar BBS (this bbs on the telnet side) as a new user using your BBS QWK ID name as the user name. Select "YES" when prompted "Use the account for QWK transfers?" This will become your QWK account name.

If a question does not apply please put "N/A" in that field. All questions with a "*" are required.
  • Sysop/BBS Information

  • Connection Information

  • We are still looking for FTN hubs so please leave this blank
  • If you are using QWK packet transfers then please give us your BBS QWK ID (8 characters). You will need to log on to Battlestar BBS with this ID.
  • Choose any or all the networks you wish to join.

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